Sounds: Ural Mountains // Blurry Pictures

Continuing the French theme for today (completely unexpected let me tell you) is Buenos Aires-based (but French musician) Ural Mountains. The DIY solo project Ural Mountains has come SO CORRECT with this new track “Blurry Pictures” that it’s all I can do to not get up and start dancing.

Channeling the instrumentals of DIIV, with ethereal, atmospheric vocals, the track is so damn catchy. The guitar is so reminiscent of Joy Division, I feel like evolution may be real and these guys have evolved from my favorite band—no complaints there.

Then we get to the video which holy hell, it’s this weird, dark trip that takes the mundane and brings so much depth to it.

The song is part of the upcoming LP Blurry Pictures coming out later this year.

Watch the vid below x

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