Sounds: Plum // Division

you sleep so sound
i spend all night crying and walking around
at night i search for a life that’s mine
at night i search for it all the time
all the time

Okay a little backstory here—when I was in elementary school, I started a band with two of my best friends (one of whom is in an ACTUALLY successful band: A Deer A Horse). And our band name was “P.L.U.M” which (do I have to say this?) stood for peace, love, and unique music.

Yep, baby hippies.

Anyway, so when I got this track “Division” by ex Counterparts, Canadian-duo Plum (not P.L.U.M) I got all nostalgic and thought, this is what we could’ve been. Except this Plum is much better than our elementary hippie band.

The track “Division” is Plums first single (again, impressive) and was written by Rachael Kross, composed by Jesse Doreen (ex Counterparts), and Ryan Juntilia (Snakecharmer, Black Barron). It’s got dark vocals and a whole lot of melancholy, but in true post-punk meets shoegaze fashion, it uplifts you ever so slightly—and it’s much needed.

i’m my own worst enemy
whenever you leave me
i feel a divide
just know i tried
i tried
i try

Listen to the band that I never could have made, and their track “Division” x

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