Sounds: Jump for Neon // So Far

We spend so much time taking pictures of ourselves rather than just absorbing the beauty that’s in front of us. Many people will continue to eat the food they always eat at home rather than try anything new. And people will often stick to their own social groups rather than try and get to know the locals.

The thing I love most about Jump for Neon is that this band is based in China and literally has a hard time even getting the information to me to post, but still continues because music expresses truth and they’ve got a lot of it to share.

The track // video below is a follow up from their track “To Tokyo”—which is about sleazebag sex tourists and how if you want to surf the wider Internet in China, you have to use a VPN.

“So Far” is a nice, more colorful release, coming with the onset of spring (or so we all hope). The video blends together band shots with footage off the coast of Borneo, Malaysia, including sunrise/sunset time-lapse and underwater scenes.

Last year during Chinese New Year I went to Malaysia. For part of the trip I stayed in one of those places where the chalets are all on stilts in the ocean, off the coast of Borneo. An amazing place – the views are so beautiful. But after the trip was over I began thinking more about how weird we humans are when we go away … As I filmed a lot of footage of the trip, including time-lapse stuff at dusk and dawn and underwater footage of tropical fish, it seemed the perfect opportunity to marry the song with the actual place that inspired it.

Watch the video “So Far” below and stop taking pictures of yourself on vacation and eat the same food. Live a little.

The Jump For Neon album can be purchased at

P.S. Fuck the Great Firewall.

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