Sounds: SK Quinn // Polo

Ok. I’m going to start this off by saying that I don’t post a lot of hip hop on here, and while I do listen to some of the trappiest shit in my spare time, for some reason it’s never crossed over. So for that I apologize, and also if you want more hip-hop let me know cuz I have tracks for days.

Which brings me to this new video by NYC rapper SK Quinn—she is NOT your typical urban artist. Before becoming a hip hop artist, she played acoustic open-mics 4 to 5 nights a week in Boston and was the lead guitarist in an old school funk/R&B band.

Also, girlfriend went to MIT where she studied math, and was an All-American athlete. So okay she’s basically the shit, and we could all takes some notes. I can barely run around the block or do basic arithmetic. She’s everything we wish we could be.

“My musical influence stretches to almost every genre. That’s how I grew up. I had music with me everywhere I went. I wasn’t creating it until I was in college, but I had always been listening.” – SK 

Her newest single // video “Polo” is incredibly catchy. Can I just be her? Watch it below.

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