Sounds: Stephan Kreussel // Mermaid

A little bit of backstory here—I have this love/hate non-relationship with a Brit who spends a lot of time in South Africa and any mention of Cape Town, or strip clubs, and I’m going from 0 to what-am-I-doing-with-my-life in like 30 seconds.

Tracks like this let me take a step back, observe the situation, and realize that it’s all good. Whatever it is, whenever it is, it’s all good.

Special shout out to South African singer/songwriter Stephan Kreussel who made this gorgeous, easygoing, quite-literally bedroom pop track “Mermaid”, which I can’t get enough of.

And, then you find out that this is his first bit of music to be released. Because, he’s a prodigy and we are just living in his world at the end of the day.

Stephan is from a small town called Parys in sunny South Africa, but has been living and studying in London for the last few years. He is also not my ex lover. Just to make that clear.

Anywho, Stephan returned back to SA last year and recorded this little album in his bedroom. Probably while the rest of us were sleeping.

Listen to “Mermaid” below and whatever it is that’s on your mind, just let it step aside for 3 minutes and 10 seconds. Enjoy x

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