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Big five keeps me company so i sigh – i want to scream though the words don’t make a sound and the mic can’t be found – Dakota Blue // White Nylon

Hey guys, your fearless leader here. Ok who are we kidding, no one actually lets me lead them anywhere, but I’ve always wanted to say that.

Happy Spring and almost-April, the weather seems to be finally clearing up and in less than a month, Left Bank takes Berlin. Fuck yeah. But first, here are some tracks that I’ve come across in the past month (maybe even longer, cuz I’m a non-stoner slacker). Better late than never right? Enjoy!

Russian Baths – Slenderman

The band Russian Baths is super close to my heart, as they are on a friends label (Brooklyn-based label Good Eye Records) and are good friends/maybe managed by the very lovely Max Cann. But beyond all that hearts and hugs shit, their shoegaze meets post-punk meets goth sound goes hard. It’s dissonant and gorgeous at the same time—give it a listen below.

Cardnl – Flax Drive


Under street signs


And the moonlight

(Close to my own heart

Close to my own heart)

I wanna move slower

I’ve contrived the longest possible way home

I hope I’m getting closer but (when I move away)

I’m pretty sure I’d never be what you want

I swear this song has been featured in a film (and if not, all my filmmaking friends, GET ON IT). Cardnl is just a sad boy making sad songs in a [sad?] basement in London, Ohio. Is that like Paris, Texas? 

But seriously, he’s 18 years old and still in high school (which is damn impressive).

I began to write, arrange, and record tracks in rages that lasted from 30 minutes to 2 days. Inspired by personal experiences over the previous few months, the majority of the 8 track album “Nothing is Happening and Still We Keep Changing” would be written and recorded throughout December of 2017, and released almost as soon as it was finished on New Year’s Eve.

Listen to “Flax Drive”

The Tambourine Girls – Can’t Get Inside My Head

You guys already know Oz-based band The Tambourine Girls is a Left Bank favorite, and this new track dare I say is better than the one we posted before. Progression! Evolution, people!

“Can’t get inside my head, someone else is there instead”


The Agoura Hills PTA – Sunshine

Holy lo-fi, and yet it fucking works! LA-based The Agoura Hills PTA are “Pioneers of the phonegaze scene” … I can’t quite make out what they are saying, but the song ROCKS. so, there you go. I’ll chalk it up to the New York – LA divide.

Drang – Lucky You

Got this rad track from South London’s Drang – “Shangri-Las and Pete Townshend’s Boiler Suit.” Here’s another band that is so incredibly catchy that somehow pop has slipped into the Left Bank.

Dakota Blue – White Nylon

I love how soulful the vocals are in this track by LA-based Dakota Blue. It’s got some 80’s pop flavor to it, but unmistakably contemporary—in a dark, indie pop kind of way, like something off the Kill Bill soundtrack.

big five keeps me company so i sigh – i want to scream though the words don’t make a sound and the mic can’t be found

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