Sounds: DUETS AND STUFF // Hold On

I don’t care for anything at all

Anyone else feeling like Mercury is for real in retrograde? Like not just a little bit, but nothing is making sense? And you just want to go shopping or skip town or go skate for a few hours on the boardwalk?

Same. Fo rull.

Got this track in from Swedish indie duo DUETS AND STUFF (consisting of Greta and Raimond). It’s catchy and simple, and not in a bad way. It’s just easy listening, smooth sailing, take me the hell out of the retrograde period.

DUETS AND STUFF could be described as an easygoing DIY-project which covers all the creative stuff we come up with together; music, art, video and so on.

Listen to their lovely track “Hold On” below and catch me at Coney Island skating away these post-winter blues.

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