Sounds x Words: Be Softly // My Hands End with Your Fingertips

Do you remember the first time you read The Catcher in the Rye, or Invisible Man? That feeling of defeatism but also at some point, there’s a light at the tunnel—you just have to make it out, or at least out of high school.

That’s how the track ”My Hands End with Your Fingertips” makes you feelboth empty and small, and yet oddly empowered. Its an experimental spoken word track that mixes poetry with ambient/post rock instrumentals. And it’s heavy, and heady.

But also really enlightening as well.

Best served while sitting in a dark room or on the subway after a long day of work, Be Softly understands the human experience, and emotions, and puts these to words and sounds, creating an experience for us all. I just had a moment.

Ok, your turn.

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