Sounds: DAODA // Thirty

You know how sometimes you come across a track and are like “fuck, this is so good?” and then you go on living life and forget about it, and listen again and are like, “what is wrong with me, why didn’t I share this the first time?”

This post is dedicated to NYC-based artist DAODA and my sincere ability to procrastinate // get tied up with other things and forget my brain at home.

The track Thirty is surf rock meets shoegaze, with airy vocals and guitar, and a bass line that has a little bit of sadness inside (just enough to know they are human). It’s a little reminiscent of NYC-band Surf Rock is Dead, but has a bit more depth to it, which I like.

The track is called “Thirty” and reminds me that my 20’s will be over v. shortly. RIP.

Listen to DAODA’s track below:

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