Sounds: Blackhill // Marble, Flowers And Candle Lights


wake up
have a look around
old ways are dissolving

Trying to write this as my puppy forces his squeaky toy in my hand so I apologize in advance for any spelling errors. That and the fact that the last time I played a metal track for him, he shat in my bedroom.

But, we will just see how this goes.

Croatian Blackhill put out this stunning doomy track “Marble, Flowers And Candle Lights” a bit ago and it’s got some serious staying power. It’s got nice, dark instrumentals and lyrics that tell a story which is something I really respect about this artist. He also does a lot to not constrict himself to just one genre in rock — you’ve got some Strokes-esque guitars, you’ve got some Sabbath doom and large sound, and at one point everything strips away and you get a nice little piano interlude.

dwelling on the past
dissever only good ones
fade out
this observation mind
reflecting on what is ought to come

and it’s hard on both ends, and it’s struggle to remain now

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Blackhill, “Marble, Flowers And Candle Lights” is the first track from Blackhill Sessions Vol. 2.

Listen to it here:

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