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Sounds: Cover’s That Don’t Suck

updated April 1, 2018

As you guys probably know by now, we don’t usually post covers. Why, you might ask? Because we really dig when artists come to us (or when we find peeps) that not only have rad voices and know their way around an instrument, but can also write lyrics that would make our parents weep.

However, every now and again we come across covers that deserve a little air-play (sic: facetime or I guess it’s called screentime) because the track that they’ve redone truly sounds like their own. And, that takes courage and also a lot of skill.

I only have two to feature tonight (see above about not posting covers often) but these two are definitely worth listening to.

Lonely Crowds – Jay Som “Pirouette”

Super catchy in a Frankie Cosmos-esque way.

Also I stumbled across this “Lonely Crowds” Instagram page and its kind of sad, but also kind of beautiful. I digress …

Leather Girls – Otis Redding “Security”

Austin’s Leather Girls killed it with this track, so much so that wait Otis Redding who. Just kidding. Please don’t shut down my blog.

It’s a snotty drum trance of a soulful take on this classic Otis Redding tune. Dig it.

Alex Nauva – New Order “Slow Jam”

This one is really unique because it’s almost like a better New Order (or perhaps a different New Order) and it’s rad. But whats even better is that this is the first cover song Alex has recorded and released—impressive. He’s the vocalist and guitarist of the Garage Rock band OGMH but his solo stuff ain’t too shabby eh.

Those guys are a huge inspiration for my musical work. Anyone who know me a little better knows how obsessed I am with this band. So for me it is a huge honour to release this cover.

BONAVEGA – Peggy Lee “Fever”

This track is so iconic its a little hard to compete, but this quirky little video really got my attention. The vocals don’t suck (running theme here) but its the artistic element that has placed this track // vid on Left Bank. Keep things weird y’all.

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