Sounds: Former Faces // Whisper in Blue

I feel like we’ve posted so many rad tracks and videos for the cool kids, that the art freak side of us has been covered up.

Well, WAKE UP PARTY PEOPLE, we keep things weird around here.

The video for Former Faces’ “Whisper in Blue” couldn’t be any more weird, artistic, or awesome. Major kudos to them. It’s the latest track released from their debut album Foreign Nature, coming out later this month.

“Whisper in Blue was written in concert with our very own fifth Beatle and good friend Will Knott. He describes its meaning as such: the lyrics of Whisper in Blue contemplate the way that colors can correspond to our emotional experience and to the passing of time. Drunkenly dancing with synesthesia, there is an interplay of harmony and hue, of timbre and transparency, and of rhythm with the brushstroke’s rise. What we are left with is not a profound insight to an emotional secret, but rather a relaxed intuition that perhaps our senses aren’t as separate as they seem.” – Vocalist Ryan Parmentr

My current color is black, like my heart, but we will tell that story another day. Watch the v. awesome vid from the lads Former Faces.

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