Sounds: INTHECLOUDS x Left Bank Cassette Mixtape

The moment I’ve been waiting for (going on a few weeks now) is finally here! So I’m good friends with the guys over at INTHECLOUDS records—a sick record label // art project in a New Jersey basement, and they recently launched this Ear Buds Cassette Mixtape series. Dope, right?

Even doper (more dope?) is that they’ve invited Left Bank to curate their April cassette. This is not a joke, April Fools was yesterday.

On this tape you’ll find four bands that I am really drawn to lately—Canshaker Pi from the Netherlands, La Bête Blooms from Hull, TREADS from Brooklyn (fun fact the lead singer was formally in //fronted Whiskey Bitches), and Champyons from Berlin.

The tracks show incredible range, but stay in that Left Bank sweet spot of indie rock, punk, and a little bit of shoegaze, so you know you’ll love it.

And the incredibly talented Anton Vitkovskiy did the cover.

Yeah, it’s so fucking insane I just need to get a glass of water.

Ok, I’m back. The tapes are only $6 and even if you don’t have a cassette player, you should get one because THIS IS A MOMENT.

Thanks again to all of the artists and to Dan at INTHECLOUDS who agreed to help put this together and make my High Fidelity dreams come true.

Click here to get yours.

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 3.34.10 PM.png

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