Sounds: Christina Custode // Light of Day

Toronto’s Christina Custode just released her latest single “Light of Day” and I’m really thrilled to share it with you.

Granted, it’s not going to make you cry or want to go off on someone like most of the tracks we post on the Left Bank, but how about a little versatility huh?

Her voice is so perfect, I feel like she was in my church choir (she wasn’t). She’s got this eclectic, soul-jarring and truthful sound, and lyrics that make you stop and reminisce.

In “Light of Day”, Custode tells the story of an evening that changed the relationship between two people forever. The song documents the events of that night, which lead to a lifetime friendship being pushed apart.

It is a true to life depiction and candidly tells the details of that evening. To that I say, keep your friends close and your lovers closer. Or however the saying goes.

Listen to her new track here.


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