Sounds x Video Premiere: Alex Siegel // Headspin

“The song at its core is about traveling… as human beings, we’re always visitors, even when we think we’re “home.” Traveling is a state of mind…”

Got this amazing video for the track “Headspin” from the LA-based homie Alex Siegel. Formerly of the musical project Waterstrider (which by the way is one of my FAVORITE bands, so now everything makes sense in this world), Alex now releases music and performs under his given name.

Featuring Alex in his most natural state, and gorgeous views as well, the video is more of a home video and travel montage than anything else—and that’s what makes it so authentic and dare we say it, happy. Led by Alex’s melodic voice, the track is full of rich layers of synths and background vocals.

Taking a break from the post-punk, broody cave that we tend to live in, this track and video is nothing but good vibes. I’ve thought about moving to LA just for the vibes, and then realize that New York is my home—with other dark clothes wearing, broody people and our smug dogs.

But I digress.

“Headspin” is a lush track inspired by the memory of flying in an airplane for the first time. The track presents a lush, indie/electronic fusion with influences from ’90s west coast hip-hop, Tame Impala and the Beach Boys.

The track “Headspin” was premiered in Germany’s leading art, fashion, and music magazine, KALTBLUT Magazine earlier this month. And before we head out to Berlin, we’ve snagged the premiere for the video. Because, balance.

“I hope that listening to “Headspin” makes you feel like going out and getting lost in this beautiful world we live in. There’s so much to see, and so many people to meet. There’s nothing like making a chance connection with a complete stranger, who becomes a great friend. Suddenly you’re home again. But there’s more — the very idea of home has now changed — and expanded — within you forever. Perhaps this will be the soundtrack to your next adventure…” – Alex

Check out his evening acoustic set at Insel Berlin (in Germany) on June 27th for their Berlin Sessions.

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