Sounds: The Flaming Banshees // 1000 Days of Sleep

“A sublime manifestation of underground psychedelia in the information age.”

This track by The Flaming Banshees couldn’t be any more appropriate. Written from a dark, lamp-lit room, I rotate between which eyeball to keep open, because I’m way too tired to have both open at the same time. Tell me you’ve been there?

The neo- psychedelic duo recently released the track “1000 Days of Sleep”—a transcendental mashup of indie-pop and post-rock—off their recently released album, Satan is a Farmer. 

Hailing from the US and UK, the band serves up some psychedelic meets indie-pop meets grunge goodness. This track in particular is my ‘why-the-fuck-am-I-still-awake’ lullaby.

They recorded a very special set of songs some years back while they were living in Berlin. However, they never got around to properly releasing the record. So, there it sat… That is, until [Santa Rosa Records] caught wind of it and reached out to the band. A few months later, [they] released their debut album on the label.

Listen to “1000 Days of Sleep” below. Or do like me, and find reasons to stay awake, and listen to their whole album here. Not gonna lie, it’s really good and I’m only on the second track.

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