Sounds: Calvin J // Fluvoxamine


My creativity is a manifestation of the empty spaciousness of the mind.

Can’t tell you how many mid-twenties breakdowns I’ve had in the past to tracks that sounded just like this. I should say accompanying tracks like this, cuz the breakdown was all my own.

Which brings me to this absolutely stunner of a track by Calvin J. It’s NOT for the faint of heart, but if you’re into punk / experimental / or just letting loud sounds soothe you, then this track is def for you.

This song will be on my upcoming concept album about overcoming psychological issues. I recorded it all on my own and then had it mastered. My main goal is to inspire others to the world of meditation by showing how my everyday practice affects my creativity.

What’s beautiful about this is that this guy had OCD and other mental health issues, and overcame them which is rad. He has a certificate as a sound healer and wants his music to be a healing tool. I went to school as an artist so I also do all of my own artwork and I’m an LED light performance artist as well.

My music is not any genre in particular, but if you want one I’ll call it experimental punk.