Sounds: Lazy Legs // Gloss

“Gloss” highlights some observations I had about vanity and narcissism in social media, particularly this kind of faux-tragic mystique that people employ to simultaneously mask and show off their insecurities.

Portland, OR- based shoegaze/grunge band Lazy Legs released this pensive, moody single, “Gloss”, and its perfect for a slow afternoon.

Off their third EP Tremor (which came out 4/20), the track features catchy vocals, repetitive and hypnotizing guitars, and a sound that is best served on a record player, laying in bed with incense going. One can dream huh?

The band is made up of Michael on guitar, vocals and drum arrangement, and Laura Wagner on bass and vocals. Originally formed in Chicago in 2014, they have put out two EPs and one full length album VISIONDEATH.

As we planned our move to the west coast in the summer of last year, we simultaneously started working on what originally would be our second album, centered around the idea of how anxiety manifests differently in people. The writing/recording process became fractured with our impending move and all the anxiety that comes with such a big life change. We felt strongly that the material we had was better suited as an EP, a sort of transitional release to match our transition to a new life in Portland.

“Gloss” follows the soft/loud/soft vibe with reflective vocals strewn through reverb, floating around a demure guitar and gently bouncing bass line. It’s just grunge enough that you don’t feel like crying when it’s over. There’s a giant climatic wall of fuzz, and then everything goes back to being light and airy again. It’s gorgeous. And explains how I feel 99% of the time.

The song has a caustic tone, but also kind of a shade of legit lamentation for all the time we use social media as a bandaid when we shouldn’t.

Been there. Listen to “Gloss” below.

Also – check out their new // v. fresh track “High Wire’ — also just as fucking good.

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