Sounds: Team Picture // (I Have a) Little Secret

“Once the synth bass was on there, Matt [Peel] was like “okay, how poppy/80’s do we want to get here?” and I think at some point we decided to go completely balls-to-the-wall and make it as joyous as possible.”

Hey guys, guess what has been sitting in my inbox and I’ve forgotten to post. Yeahhhh. It gets rough as a one-woman-show, but someones gotta do it.

This track by Leeds-based six-piece, Team Picture is downright addictive. “(I Have a) Little Secret” was released by their own label Big Dumb Music label, and was produced by Matt Peel (previously Eagulls, Autobahn and Pulled Apart By Horses) at The Nave in Leeds.

‘(I Have a) Little Secret’ progresses from the band’s previous releases – whilst maintaining their knack for penning impressive hooks and pursuing sonic experimentation, the band also turn their head to a sea of new influences and sounds.

Paying homage to The Cure, synth-wave revivalists, Black Marble and Lower Dens, the track brings together a ton of synth textures and progression—the track doesn’t just sit still and repeat itself, it evolves over time, giving you a sonic experience.

“We really resonate with the sincerity and enduring relevance of pop music from the 70’s and 80’s, and the ability of so many bands from this period to transcend genre and remain influential. We wanted to celebrate that, and maybe shed some of the grungier associations we’ve previously collected.” Josh x guitar.

Image: TOMOD

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