Sounds: Terra Pines // Kidult

Kicking off this morning with some mild loud, but still gut-punching post-punk / grungegaze tunes from Brisbane-based trio Terra Pines.

Made up of Kelly Hanlon (guitar/vocals, also of DEAFCULT), Owen Dengate (guitar/vocals) and Cameron Smith (drums/vocals), Terra Pines are self-proclaimed “mood merchants”, more concerned with conveying feeling than categorization.

Full of reverb and hypnotizing bass lines, the shoe gaze outfit got on the map with their Munchausen EP from last year, and they are showing no signs of stopping. Lucky for us.

An ode to the self-conscious post-punk of yesteryear, ‘Kidult’ highlights Terra Pines’ love of the pop craft via jagged guitars, driving danceable beats and playful melodies.

“Kidult” is the lead single from their forthcoming debut self-titled album—coming May 11. Listen to the track below.

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