Sounds: Revival Mode // Ugly Truth

Hailing from Dún Laoghaire on Dublin’s southern coast, Revival Mode has put out this super addictive track “Ugly Truth” that speaks to some truths of my Sunday night.

I won’t go into too much detail for fear of losing readers from boredom, but my hair has reached peak fluffiness thanks to the humidity and after a nap, I shook my hair out while screaming for pure effect, and scared my dog so much that he peed on the rug. THAT is an Ugly Truth.

If only all the people in my dm’s really saw me as I truly am…

The band’s sound encompasses elements of hard-edged alternative rock, post-hardcore and power pop with a strong 90’s influence. This particular track is a slow jam, that’s nice and fuzzy (like my hair) and is perfect for some chill down before the next week. It has a lot more depth than the story I just told, but then again, that’s why they are getting the big bucks and I’m just sitting here praying for rain. Enjoy xx

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