Sounds: bdrmm // kare

If I stay, would you even care? If I leave would you even care?

Those are the first words that meet you in the track “Kare” by Hull-based band bdrmm.

Formed in 2016, through a haze of party poppers into the early hours of 2017, Ryan Smith took his solo project from bedroom to stage—under the moniker bdrmm. It’s the perfect mix between synth-soaked Beach House and DIIV meets classic shoe-gazers Slowdive,

The 5-piece recently released their debut, dreamy single “kare”, which they say is a lackadaisical lament to an unfulfilling night out. Or, as we might call it, a Tuesday night out in Brooklyn in your ex boyfriends neighborhood. Been there, done that, wish I didn’t have the tee shirt.

“kare was written inevitably after a night out. I had gotten the wrong impression from somebody and it turned out my feelings were being taken advantage of just so they didn’t have to stay in on a Saturday night.” – Ryan

Produced by Alex Greaves at The Nave, give a listen to “kare” below.

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