Sounds: Feel Alright // Cool Water

You really got a lot of nerve to run us through this maze // this cool, cool water ain’t making no waves

I just love how this track starts out—taking me to some Hawaiian destination or Turks and Caicos, hanging out in a hammock with a guy with dreads and a ukulele.

Starting as a recording project by Craig Fahner in 2011, Feel Alright has evolved into a collaborative live project that has found homes in Pittsburgh and Montreal before settling in Calgary. The band features infectious guitars, and a harmony-heavy sound of early 90s Halifax.

“I wrote this song when I was moving back to Calgary from Pittsburgh. I was thinking about the kinds of people who work thanklessly to contribute something vital to the music community, without receiving anything in return in terms of conventional ideas of success, and the cycles of exhaustion and propulsion that characterize being a cultural worker in a place like Calgary.”

They released their first full length LP Hahahahahaha in 2011, reissued in 2015 on vinyl by Tonal Plexus out of Athens, Greece. (sick), released a 2013 7” on Mammoth Cave Records, and a split EP with Toronto’s Century Palm on Planet of the Tapes. Their second full length LP, In Bad Faith, comes out later this month.

“Don’t you say that we’re losing touch”

Listen to the easygoing track “Cool Water” below.


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