Sounds: Hot Knives // dank zappa

Everything about this band goes so hard—from the name of their track to their v. aggressive (but also incredible) guitars and vocals. It’s a full-on mosh pit happening in your ears. And, that bass line KILLS.

Home grown in Bushwick, steeped in the rarefied air of glue factories, Hot Knives is a project of musical stitching, featuring faded patterns of analog psychedelia and punk stewing in the Bowery since 1984.

HOT KNIVES cured the junkie and emptied the prisons.

HOT KNIVES lived in Berlin with Iggy Pop.

HOT KNIVES chopped the garlic for the Last Supper.

HOT KNIVES suggested the chameleon go ultraviolet. His predators never saw him again.

HOT KNIVES planted the Bodhi Tree.

And the gods made love again and again and again and again.

Listen to “dank Zappa” below and send in your ‘thank you for this awesome track’ letters to I’ll be waiting.

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