Sounds: The Caracals // City Girl

Orange County garage rockers The Caracals have just released this new track “City Girl” and it makes me want to put on some daisy duke shorts, and put a noxious amount of hairspray in my hair, and go dance in front of the Hudson Tunnel. I won’t of course, because I’ll either be given change or get arrested, and frankly I’d love to make it to payday tomorrow unscathed.

The Caracals is the brainchild of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Johnny Ci an artist with a visionary creative twist and a passion for retro aesthetics. We would get along well in my sunshine daydream.

This fresh and uplifting tune is the perfect follow-up to “In The Dark”. It’s all about summer romance, and alternates slightly nostalgic lyrics with a stark psych-rock twist and the group’s trademark indie-rock energy.

The band is expected to release their debut EP in September 2018. In the meantime, listen to “City Girl” below.

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