Sounds: Bobby Baritone // Shaving Private Ryan

This new track by Bobby Baritone is a catchy as hell song about heartache, phone calls to your mom, hygiene, and looking for that sweet silver lining.

And I’m not trying to be a mess,
I tend to obsess,
And I’m so clingy, yes, I know
If you wanna let me go,
And I just can’t take any more lies
You’re saving nothing but my time,
My heart was dumb, my friends were right,
At least my hair looks good tonight…

It also has a pretty sick track title, which we can all appreciate.

He’s a Seattle-based musician who has (his words) “been working on these songs for a long time “making them not suck so bad”. Which makes me a little confused, because this lo-fi track RULES. Don’t be so hard on yourself BB.

**Pauses to look in the mirror.

Matthew dropped out of jazz school and Bobby Baritone was born. And after his short-lived go at pop music that some have described as the musical equivalency of a scene phase and that we absolutely don’t like talking about here at Scum Dungeon, he was finally playing the good ol’ rock n’ roll his bones had been achin’ for. He could finally wrangle in those wild songs and drive them allllll the way to the slaughterhouse, baby. And thus, Bobby Baritone’s debut EP, Scum Rock, was conceived.

Listen to Shaving Private Ryan here, and check out the rest of his album Scum Rock at his Bandcamp. Pro tip: “A Song About A Girl Named Death” is rad.

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