Sounds: PRUNES // Talk

Got this brand spanking new track “Talk” from Copenhagen-based band PRUNES, and it’s their first song in 1 and 1/2 years, and catchy AF.

In a constantly changing world, filled with confusing thoughts and superficial feelings, it is interesting, almost necessary, to be experimental and challenge your hidden fantasies, and set yourself free.

The talents behind PRUNES are Mike Wind & Nichlas Kure—they founded the project back in 2016, and are finally back with more material. They are pretty hands on when it comes to creating and producing a track … both are very aware of their artistic characteristics and expressions, and are both in charge of the production.

“We are two perfectionists, with a very clear, creative vision of fusing our music and identity to create a whole universe—with the sound as nucleus.”

Their new unofficial track ‘Talk’ just came out today and centers around understanding your loved ones in their most daunting state of mind, wishing them to let you in. The melody’s increasing, galloping rhythm gives a harmonious balance between profound sensitivity and catchy, instinctive spontaneity.

Listen to the track below xx

Photo: Shilo X. Duffy

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