Sounds: Spacepilot // Orion

One can ask: Where is this gonna go? And promptly SPACEPILOT is answering and finishing off by creating worlds: a multitude of musical layers appearing and disappearing again, painting imagery of rich outta space worlds, unfathomable to the human mind.

SPACEPILOT is, not surprisingly at all, taking us quite literally on a journey through space.

This track they just released, “Orion,” is a lot different in genre than other things that we normally post here, but giving credit where credit is due, this track is amazing, very well put together, playful but also complex, and brings something new to today’s music environment.

It’s jazzy with coarse rock-esque structures—harsh riffs intersecting with frisky tunes. And then it all slows down … coming to a nice, soft, smooth close.

Enjoy the ride.

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