Sounds: Black Light White Light // Horizons

Not everyone should make music. Black Light White Light is not one of them—in their case they need to make more so that I can just lay in bed, in my usual doom factory, feeling a tad bit uplifted.

So they just released this album Horizons, and the track // music video for King Kong is SO. GOOD.

It’s creatively conceptual, fast paced while telling a story, and works well with the music so no one piece is overshadowed. I almost feel as though I’m watching a short experimental film—something that should be playing in the background at some dive bar in Bushwick.

“With the video for the album title track, we really wanted to try to create this fusion of reality and dream captured in a beautiful and undeniable place with open horizons. The action seems pretty straight forward, but at the same time offers possibilities for interpretation. What does this desert wanderer do for walking? Where is he, and where is he heading? The same questions are asked in the song centered around one of life’s many paradoxes. How far should you go to achieve your goals and what are the goals anyway, because they often change before they are reached.” – Black Light White Light vocalist/guitarist Martin Ejlertsen

Watch the video below:

Director: Elba Berganza Actors: Girl: Maite Muñiz Monster: Mikel Uribarren ℗ & © 2018 Forward Backwards Recordings

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