Sounds: Poogie // King of Animals (Small Black cover)

Live from shitty airport Wifi, it’s Left Bank Mag. Typing on my new Chromebook (which must I add is very convenient and also v. different from my Macbook sitting safely at home), so please disregard any spelling errors that I may inevitably make.

Alright, so let’s get back to the music, and Happy Mother’s day to all the hot mamas, aunties and grandmas out there.

The homie Poogie released this Small Black cover a while ago and it’s incredible. I actually know one of the guys in the band, so jumped at the chance to share this cover on here. It’s so lo-fi it hurts, reminiscent of 2000’s-era Strokes glory. Julian Casablancas would be proud, and probably shed a tear over its beauty.

I haven’t had sleep all weekend.

Listen to the rad cover below.

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