Sounds: Dead Little Penny // Honeycomb

God. I just love this track and video by Auckland-based Dead Little Penny—it’s so energetic, and catchy. The self-produced shoegaze/fuzz-pop track “Honeycomb” is a produce of guitar // vocalist and songwriter Hayley Smith, and drummer/synth player Simon Buxton.

Together they’ve created an intoxicating soundscape of turbulent textures, fizzing guitars and dreamy synth—and a full sound that I just can’t get enough of. What’s more is the moody, v. lo-fi video matches the track perfectly but also gives it something extra as well. Definitely a rainy Thursday track, if ever I’ve heard of one.

“After reading an article about the Radium Girls, who contracted radiation poisoning from painting watch faces with luminous paint, I was inspired to write Honeycomb, a song that explores the toxic effects of infatuation and volatile love.” – Hayley Smith

“Honeycomb” is the bands first studio-style recording, and to be honest, I’m a little intrigued to see what they have coming next.

Watch the video (shot and directed by Rodney Fisher) below.

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