Sounds: Drens // Best Friend

Can we just talk about how fucking rad Dortmund/Cologne, Germany band Drens is? The surf punk four piece puts out music that is so damn urgent, the vocals are on point, the lyrics speak to some real truth y’all, and it’s so catchy its like on the verge of being a pop song. But really, fuck that pop noise. Also, that BASS.

They are sick of seeing people faking friendships. THIS SUCKS! It is time for Drens to leave Somewhere streets, pick up their boards and come to help you. They are offering to be your Best Friends. Nobody stands another Friday night alone at home again, right? They can’t do so either – being Best Friends means more and Drens do know what a VCR emergency is.

No joke, I want to join their crew right now. Because yeah, I’d also like to be your best friend (see: moves to Berlin to start this new life of awkwardness and happiness). Mostly I want to go to a show of theirs, stand in the front, get swept up in the mosh pit, and come home and cry tears of happiness because it rocked so hard. (see also: Hot Knives in BK because they also have a similar effect).

“I wanna be your best friend. I don’t wanna be alone again.”

Listen to the rad track “Best Friend” below.

You can catch Drens here:

05.23 Cologne, Tsunami Club

05.24 Hamburg, Hebebühne

05.25 Berlin, Fluxbau

Pic by Leonie Scheufler <3

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