Sounds: Francis Bowie // Forget My Name

You guys ready to get weird? Copenhagen’s Francis Bowie put out this v. rad, v. experimental track “Forget My Name”—full of hypnotizing guitars, vocals that remind me of the Monster Mash (not sure why), and lyrics that are impossible to get out of your head. The track is completely out of the norm for Left Bank tunes, and you know what, that’s because we don’t belong in a fucking box.

Francis Bowie is a musician and visual artist, who released his album “Superblind Forever Free” in 2016, along with a book and an art exhibition. The event was called “Trinitexperience”.

I’m at jury duty right now so the rules go out the window.

“In short, this is exactly the kind of music that will help you walk smoothly and confidently into a world full of noise and corruption. The tracks will open your mind, reshuffle some of your thoughts, and hopefully leave you feeling – well, free. Ready for anything.” – Stereo Stickman.

Listen to “Forget My Name” below.

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