Sounds: Slowpoet // Early Bloom

In the early bloom the palette of the spring resembled shades of you.
You were incandescent; the southern light revealing your most golden hues // I’m just a slow poetic beast that pondered too long
On nervous words that shouldn’t have crossed my tongue

Eerily reminiscent of one of my FAVORITE bands (Waterstrider), UK artist Slowpoet has just released this poetic indie electro track “Early Bloom” and it’s everything you could want from a song—especially while hanging out at jury duty.

Slowpoet is the music of artist and producer Joel Careless. After touring the UK extensively with Alternative/Folk act Fitz during his early-twenties, Joel decided to instead focus his attention on his own project—combining his love of poetic language with the sensibilities of left-field pop. The result is his Déjà Vu EP, a collection of beautiful songs about perceived failures to dispel the haze of adulthood, and retain that which we all yearn: love.

The track “Early Bloom” wraps you in his shoegaze pop instrumentals, with a careful momentum and an almost Massive Attack-influenced interlude. It’s downright gorgeous, and I’m pleased to share the music with you.

I was in a daze; thought giving in would clear the air of idle haze
Weathered of the winter, the darkness slept beside me and unhinged my gaze // The earth beneath my feet was frozen so long I lost the warmth that had kept me strong,
Whilst new life breathed through you in song.

Recorded and produced in Joel’s bedroom over 2016/2017, Early Bloom is a reflection on regretful decisions and their subsequent consequences. Listen to the track below x

Photo by Richard Potts

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