Sounds: Vultures // Say To You

A lonely soul lies awaiting his demise. Enter death, and his minion. Just another day at work for this time wandering janitor from hell, a soul is cleansed from the earth and transported into another dimension…

Hot damn. The beat on Vultures’ new track “Say To You” comes in like hot sex—the vocals just compliment it, everything is effortless. Marry me.

Ok, but seriously. “Say To You”, is the first official release of LA based artist Vultures. Wild, simple, symphonically elegant & gritty, “Say To You” is a portrait of humanity stuffed down. And the video is downright weird.

It couldn’t be more perfect.

What’s unsaid, what’s misunderstood, and what we need those around us to realize. “Say To You” conveys the struggle within us to be real with our short time, in a world of restricting thought.

The duo challenges the boundaries of what is allowed, and sets a new standard in electronic music—it’s multi-instrumental, and feels more like an indie electro song in nature with its vocal  harmony.

Watch the new video // listen to their track “Say To You” xx

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