Sounds: Mama Kokomo // Primavera Feel

“There’s a winter, there’s a winter in my head

Body sinking, body’s sinking out of it

Cause it’s so right, yeah it’s so right and surreal

Got my eyes wide, and my hands locked on the wheel”

“When the world’s against the will, I want that

Primavera feel”

The Los Angeles-based dream pop three-piece Mama Kokomo has just released their first dreamy single “Primavera Feel” and it’s bringing me all kinds of sleepy summer vibes.

Where ethereal meets rigid, Mama Kokomo presents the perfect paradox of slow and fast; catchy but not too poppy. Its highly melodic and animated instrumentation, clunky drum machine patterns, pristine vocals, and overall entrancing quality is reminiscent of Cocteau Twins (but not nearly as offensive). Sorry to all Cocteau Twins fans out there, but, I’ve never gotten on that boat.

“Primavera Feel” is a warm, dreamy groove about longing for new surroundings, trying to look into the future with new eyes cleansed of a turbulent past, but ultimately remaining uncertain of what comes next.

You can tell I’m in a dreamy, wish I was in bed, or on a beach, or better yet sleeping on the beach kind of mood today, and “Primavera Feel” really contributes to that dreamlike-state I’m in.

The music is collaboratively produced and performed by all three band members: Krista Michaela, Hank Smith, and our pal Dorvin Borman at their HQ, Rosé Chateau, in good old Silverlake.

Vibe out to “Primavera Feel” here x and show them some love. See you’s in LA later this year.

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