Sounds: LOUD HOUND // Runnin’

He’s going to KILL me for missing the release date and for that all I have to say is, I KNOW I SUCK AND WORK HAS FUCKING KILLED THIS WEEK.

Alright excuses over, I’ve got this fantastic track from the homie LOUD HOUND. He started this project two years ago after he broke his foot from skateboarding and was forced to be in the house all summer, which just so happened to be right by the beach. Lots of recording happened from that point—lucky for us.

So, LOUD HOUND released his debut single,”Fine By Me“, a few months ago—which feels like some sort of Brooklyn anthem written with a definite Cali lean. But, the track “Runnin’” goes even harder in my opinion. It still retains heavy beach vibes, but it’s so much more catchy—the instruments are everything and his vocals sound a little more refined than his debut track, which is nice albeit impressive since it’s been such a short time.

I wrote the song [Runnin’] a few summers ago, during the same time when I wrote “Fine By Me”. I was in a really shitty place in my life. My dog and Grandmother both passed away and I had to watch them pass which was strange and surreal. Oh and also the girl I was dating at the time was cheating on me with her ex boyfriend so we ended. This all happened days apart from each other. Runnin’ is a song about love. Fighting for it, losing it, feeling it for the first time, watching it fade away, or even the melancholy feeling that exists with being in love.

Listen to “Runnin’” here x. Keep making music LOUD HOUND, cuz I’m obsessed.

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