Sounds: Tetra // Weekend

Been holding onto this one for just that right moment: and the time is now. Meow. We got this track in from Philly indie rock band Tetra.

With rhythmic Stroke-esque grooves and vocals that remind me so much of Alex Turner, Tetra is able to create some timeless indie rock music that is still uniquely theirs, which is rad.

Influenced by the Greek prefix for the number four, Tetra’s name references the four musicians in the group: Zachary (guitar & vocals), Sam (Bass), Tyler (Guitar), and Tyler (Drums). They’ve played together in various iterations since 2006—that’s a long fucking time—and have figured out how to work really well, and intuitively together.

“The Weekend” is a tune about expectations in the modern age. The way that prescribed behaviors are used to sell us things and determine interpersonal relationships — and just how dumb a lot of that shit is. There are many unspoken codes that govern different aspects of life, and I wonder sometimes if this superego phenomenon serves any purpose at all. The song is about asking that question — asking if the life we live is the life we want or the life we think we want. And how do you even begin to tell the difference?

Yes. Just yes.

Listen to the catchy and oh so cerebral track here.

Their first studio album Chill Chill Mega Chill is coming out way soon. So watch this space.


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