Sounds: Bolinas // Ojai

This sexy So Cal bedroom pop track by Bolinas has me genuinely excited to share, although it might end up making you a little sad or wistful—but hey, that’s ok. Feelings are cool.

Written and recorded in a tiny apartment in Los Angeles by Chris Thomas & Phil McGinn, “Ojai” is the lo-fi dream-pop project’s 4th release. Which, I just want to add, is super impressive. I’m always stunned by the calibre of tracks by bands that have just started, or just started releasing music which still sounds so damn good and professional.

“Ojai” started as only a noise/filler track but soon came to live as a driving, unrelenting pop song.

Relying heavily on dreamy, surfy guitars & synths and lyrics that actually mean something, Bolinas has the skill and the ear to make tunes that are catchy but not lacking substance. “Misery comes, misery goes” is a line you hear often in this track, as a melancholy yet competitive ex-lover tries to find validation but also the ability to move on.

I do admire your reticence in a way

With a hand ground, single origin agoraphobia sets in

You pretty much left us for dead and in denial

Let karma carry you a while, for a while

Straight poetry. Listen to the track “Ojai” below.

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