Sounds: Butterflies Welcoming Spring // Something to say

Getting ready to settle into a book (Alone in Berlin, which is about this couple during WWII that started leaving postcards trash talking Hitler all around the city) and figured what better time to share this track by New Zealand’s Butterflies welcoming spring.

The track is soooooo aggressive and urgent; angry and liberating. It’s the perfect punk song. Seriously. And I bet seeing this track performed live would just be like dying and going to CBGB heaven.

The two piece from Christchurch NZ is made up of Josh Braden on bass and effects pedals, and Thomas on the drums. Their sound is a lot more full than what you would expect from a two piece, but these guys aren’t fucking around.

“Something to say” is a quintessential punk track with some hardcore noise elements. Give it a listen, and good luck getting to sleep after it. I’ll be up for hours.

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