Sounds: Tinnedfruit // Oh Matron

I love how sometimes tracks //videos really move me, and then I forget them in my inbox, revisit them ages later, and am like HOLY-FUCK-THIS-IS-RAD.

That’s how I feel about this v. loud and v. rad track by Cornwall’s garage x fuzz rock 3 piece, Tinnedfruit. Their new track “Oh Matron” is all kinds of Ty Segall and The Wytches, with this very full and aggressive sound, and a music video that is such a gnarly juxtaposition of weirdness that you end up liking the track that much more.

Tinnedfruit’s “Oh Matron” makes my life better. This is a band you need to know and watch.

Starting with “Oh Matron” check it out here.

Photo Credit: Craig Taylor-Broad Photography


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