Sounds: Eva & Ménades // Le Brouillard de L’alcool

Le brouillard de l’alcool
Miroir de vérités folles
Juste avant le trou noir
Qui apaise le désespoir

You already know we love this track by Paris-based indie rock duo Eva & Ménades. The track “Le Brouillard de L’alcool” is entirely in French (good for us and my neighbor Erin who is learning French; maybe bad for the rest of you). But nevertheless, you know what you signed up for, being a fan of the Left Bank.

Voir sans regarder
Vivre sans exister
L’espoir est un rouage
Dans l’usine de l’outrage

The music video is pretty trippy in a darker Moulin Rouge kind of way and the track is addictive. Seriously, it’s still stuck in my head. Give it a listen below x.

llustration : Eva Lnds
Graphisme : Étienne MØtais de NarbØnne

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