Sounds: Feiler // Dry Rot

I wanna love you the way you deserve

Want you to feel like the best on the earth

If we go deeper I want to be sure

No part of me wants to hurt you

This new track by Feiler makes me want to ugly cry all over my home office. The solo project of LA-based singer/songwriter/producer Austin Smith, Feiler is a dark indie electronic singer/songwriter that hits you hard with his confessional—giving you insight into a relationship gone wrong and maybe some reasons behind it.

When I finished college I packed all my gear into the back of my car, got on I-80, and drove 3500 miles to a very old house in the rural woods of Northern Georgia. I’d been living in LA for the previous four years and had a couple of different musical projects but nothing really stuck. This project had been sort of coalescing in my mind for the previous year or so and I had some vague ideas about the kind of music I wanted to make out there, but mostly I was looking for something. I made a little DIY studio and spent five months out in that house, covered in vines, from summer to fall. That’s where I started this project and made most of Some Time.

Now, Feiler emerges with the first in a collection of songs that “seek to map a path through a chaotic and confusing world.” The track “Dry Rot” is a mix of whisper vocals and pulsing, distorted synthesizers, and heartfelt lyrics that just kill me. KILL ME. I also just got out of something with someone that I was dating for maybe the wrong reasons, so damn, Feiler, why you gotta get me so well?

Listen to “Dry Rot” below. And send some chocolates over here cuz shit is getting real.

pic by Noel Woodford

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