Sounds: Men I Trust // Show Me How

Show me how you care,

Tell me how you were loved before

Show me how you smile,

Tell me why your hands are cold

Happy Monday everyone and a very happy holiday weekend to the other folks in the US. I’m sat at home, wading through submissions and fighting with my hair—life’s good.

I’ve been sitting on this track from Men I Trust for a bit, for no reason at all really, but it’s Monday and I’m being mad productive, so the time is now.

I’m turning around I’m having visions of you (

But then I understand

The friend I’m dreaming of is far away

And doesn’t feel my love

The Montréal-based band uses this track and sweet music video to give a little glimpse into a relationship // friendship that is largely one-sided or oblivious to the actual feels swirling around. We’ve all been there, and it’s not great, but this video gives you the knowledge and feeling that someone, somewhere out there, understands what you’re going through. That’s what music is all about isn’t it?

Sorry if this track is being posted after your similar experiences, but in that case, take a little moment for some quiet and simple nostalgia.


Catch them playing in a city near you (P.S. for those living in or around Brooklyn, Market Hotel is an AMAZING venue, so get your asses there).

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