Sounds: Above the Snow Line // Scarecrow

“You’re so strangely silent”

Hailing from one of my favorite cities—Montréal—Above the Snow Line (ATSL) is a new indie musical project featuring composer and multi-instrumentalist Matthieu Gauthier Prud’homme.

Under a barrage of distorted synthesizers, Matthieu gives us his compositions without compromise. He’s not thinking about mainstream radio play but at the same time he isn’t neglecting to have a certain level of catchiness as well.

ATSL was born from the pure desire to tell stories and take the listeners on a journey through long play albums, going against the modern musical trend of fast consumption.

What I like about this new track by Prud’homme, “Scarecrow”, is that it speaks to a depth in relationships and the human experience, but still gives you something to tap your feet to at the same time. The repetition in the lines just further instill that depth of experience, and what he’s done is create a really nice piece of work.

Check out “Scarecrow” below.


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