Sounds: Macajey // Journeys

Knowing that my next door neighbors can hear everything is a challenge of letting go. But in a big way it feels like some chains were broken in the process of making this album.

Gonna slow it down just a bit with this new track from Estonia-based (but Bay Area-bred) Macajey.

Macajey recently released “Journeys,” the second single from his forthcoming album Surfing the Air. The idea behind the track came to him after a long, loud night at work (he’s a sound engineer at a music venue).

“When walking home in Tartu in the spring and summer when the sun is already rising at 2am, it’s really quiet and still and the forest and river nearby give me such a specific feeling that goes very deep … “I’ve got a feeling / Where there’s light all’s alright / but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to fight.”

The track “Journeys” got a nice mellow electric guitar and easygoing vocals, reminiscent of some Sonic Youth tracks.

Listen to it here x.

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