Sounds: Monkeybars // Tenderness

Happy weekend everyone! I’ve got a mini-concert happening in my bedroom right now—blasting this brand new track from the v. elusive artist Monkeybars. Who is he? Where does he live? What does his face look like?!

I’m just gonna jump right into it, because this track is so addictive and also cool. It’s like if Prince Harry and Prince (RIP) got together and made a track—it’s sexy, catchy, and makes me want to hop in a carriage and dance. Alright, maybe that’s a little much.

Actually you know what, it’s just the right amount.

Channeling 80’s pop, with some lo-fi 90’s New York indie rock vocals, Monkeybars knows how to make the perfect bedroom pop song.

Go ahead and blast this in your bedroom with me. Lets start a revolution from our beds. WHAT is with all of these British references floating around my head today.