Sounds: The Braves // How The Money Rolls In

Melbourne’s The Braves are back with a brand, spanking new video and gut-punching song (my new theme song for the next 30 years of life), “How The Money Rolls In.” It’s from their latest album Carry on the Con which has to all be influenced by a Tarantino film, or a binge session of The Sopranos.

Formed in late 2012 on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia, The Braves came cutting through the surrounding noise to create a sound and a notoriety that is uniquely their own. On first listen, the track “How The Money Rolls In” made me think of a neo-Clash track (and to be honest, I also thought they were British). But hey, Oz is cool too.

It has been said The Braves sound sits from anywhere between The Gun Club & the Pogues to a strange cameo in a Tarantino film. All that aside ‘Carry on the Con’ proves there is no box in which The Braves can be placed and no limit to what can be achieved and with their stage now set for what will be their second Tour of Europe in October.

They’ve just returned from a 22 date tour in Europe to play shows around Australia before heading back to Europe in October. I’m sure there will be some new tracks before they leave but in the meantime, give a listen to this new track “How The Money Rolls In.”

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