Sounds: Bill Nickson // What to Say

Ok so this new track by 22-year old Bill Nickson sounds like something I’ve heard before, in that it is so well done, and catchy, and doesn’t try too hard at all, but makes you feel happier after you’ve listened to it.

It’s that quintessential track you hear at the end of every indie film, when the girl gets the guy (or the puppy, or the job) and then everything is magical and unicorns fly past and the credits roll.

I’m hungover, work with me.

Hailing from Wirral, UK, Bill Nickson has been making home recorded DIY bedroom pop which he began releasing independently in 2014, only recently bringing this music into a live setting with the help of a full band.

The tracks are beautifully delicate, and sound so professional it’s nothing short of impressive. You’ll be hearing a lot more from him, that’s for sure.

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