Sounds: STOCKSNSKINS // Them Today

“It’s all out there, just open your eyes.”

We are turning it up a bit this afternoon with a sick track by post-punk Beat Poetry band STOCKSNSKINS. Inspired by some of my favorite bands (like Joy Division, The Fall, New Order and The Cure) STOCKSNSKINS channels that working class grit with some synths, bass, and a simple drum beat on top to make it like a danceable version of Allen Ginsberg at Sidewalk Cafe.

“We feel that STOCKSNSKINS is an antidote, something to try and entice people from the mainstream singer/song writer genre and to possibly open a few eyes. We want to share our passion for bass led post punk beat poetry via our music. If we were playing music at home it would flow between The Sex Pistols, Joy Division, Jah Wobble, The Doors, Black Grape and probably everything punk in between. We are just a couple of blokes passionate about our music trying to pave a new road. Let’s see where this journey goes.”

Based in Bournemouth, STOCKSNSKINS (Ade on vocals, Rich on bass) came together in May 2016 to write about and perform socially awkward, topical life stories and experiences, laying lyrics over electronic beats and synth mixes, with Rich’s bass lines bringing it all together. In this particular track “Them Today” it’s a mix of post punk and 80s pop, giving a critique of society and consumerist culture to name a few—and it feels like a breath of fresh air.

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